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CIO Focus Group Reveals Priorities for 2019

Chief information officers (CIOs) from the nation’s healthcare providers are divided amongst themselves in their views around whether patients are up to the challenge of managing their own healthcare data and records.

Possession, Custody, or Control: When can a party be required to produce ESI held by someone else?

On a daily basis, we read about new apps or devices that may create, store, and transmit electronically stored information (ESI) relevant to the health of an individual. Healthcare providers may be required to reach out to those entities and produce ESI in response to a legal adversary’s discovery requests.

Slideshow: Areas of Focus in AHIMA’s Transformation

This week we’re talking about concrete changes that have been going on and areas of focus during the transformation. For 2019, AHIMA’s board of directors formulated a strategic plan—mapping out the general direction for the transformation and identifying overall metrics of success.

VA Announces New EHR Pilot for March 2020

The Department of Veterans Affairs plans to launch a test pilot for the initial operating capabilities of its new EHR system by March 2020.

White Papers

Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Healthcare Operations

While the practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are still being discovered, one area of AI — natural language processing (NLP) — is already helping advance the revenue cycle. Discover how the right NLP can support accuracy, efficiency and revenue integrity by powering comprehensive clinical documentation improvement and coding earlier in the process.

Case Study: The Patient Matching Challenge

With numerous health systems experiencing mergers and acquisitions, interoperability and health information management have presented a significant barrier toward optimal care delivery and improved patient outcomes. The integrity of patient data can be threatened when patient records converged from different electronic health record (EHR) systems can’t be correctly matched and linked.

White Paper: Improving Patient Matching with a Simple Plug-in

There are substantial—and growing—costs to inaccurate patient matching. Learn how a groundbreaking solution can improve match rates, thereby improving healthcare data exchange.

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Slideshow: Convention Photo Roundup

Revisit the highlights of this year’s Annual Convention and Exhibit.

How to Address IRF Coding Challenges

A Tuesday roundtable presentation, “Challenges for HIM at the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility,” addressed issues such as limited educational opportunities for HIM professionals specific to the IRF setting, how official ICD-10-CM coding guidelines do not always fit IRF coding, and the excessive number of requests for audits compared to the size of the IRF unit.

Reptiles that Bite and Plants that Slice: Coding the Everglades

The Everglades, under an hour’s drive directly west from the Miami Beach Convention Center, is an unparalleled subtropical wilderness brimming with beautiful wetland landscapes and rare plant and animal species. But those who don’t heed the National Park Service’s warnings could end up the unfortunate recipient of these ICD-10 codes.

March 2019

Internal revenue cycle audits gain importance

February 2019

Tackling Non-Acute Care’s Unique Privacy and Security Challenges

2019 Education and Professional Development Guide

The 2019 Education and Professional Development Guide was published in the February 2019 Journal of AHIMA. This special advertising section is published to promote education and professional development resources.

Coding for a Urological Procedure

This patient, a 47-year-old male with adenoma of the prostate, is being treated in the outpatient surgery suite.

CPT Guidelines on Procedure Coding

Monday Coding Quiz (multiple choice question): Per CPT guidelines, a separate procedure [more…]

Using Category II Codes

Monday Coding Quiz: Category II codes cover all but one of the following topics. Which is not addressed by Category II codes?

Slideshow: Status Update—Where are we in AHIMA’s transformation?

Last fall, AHIMA announced that it was embarking on an “organizational transformation” to set the association up for a successful future. This week, we’re tackling where we are now in the transformation and the activities we’re working on to guide the process.

Dense Breasts and Coding Mammography

After years of screening mammograms, always with results that came back clear, Nancy M. Cappello, PhD, was shocked to receive a diagnosis of advanced stage 3 breast cancer. The reason the mammography hadn’t found anything sooner, she learned, was because she had dense breast tissue—a term she had never heard until her cancer diagnosis. This post discusses some basics for mammography coding as it may have related to Nancy Cappello’s experience.

Slideshow: What We Mean by ‘AHIMA’s Transformation’

Last fall, AHIMA announced that it was embarking on an “organizational transformation” to set the association up for a successful future. To help members understand what this transformation will look like, the Journal of AHIMA introduces the first in a series of slideshows to provide an overview of what members can expect to see in coming months, as the organization adapts to a rapidly changing industry.