Journal of AHIMA has won several editorial awards from the American Society of Healthcare Publications Editors (ASHPE), the American Society of Business Publications Editors (ASBPE), and Association Media & Publishing (AMP).

Most recently, the Journal received:


ASHPE Gold, Best Regular Department (Addendum)

ASBPE Silver, Best Feature Article (Apr 2010, “Red Flags Rule in Limbo”)


ASBPE Gold, Best Feature Article (Jan 2011, “Sorting out Advance Directives”)


ASHPE Gold, Best Cover: Computer-Generated (April 2012)

ASHPE Silver, Best Opening Page/Spread: Computer-Generated (Jun 2012, “ICD-10 Delay Impacts All Sectors of Healthcare”)

ASHPE Silver, Best Overall Use of Graphics (Aug 2012)

ASBPE National Bronze, Best Humorous/Fun Department (Jun 2012/August 2012, Addendum)


AMP National Bronze, Magazines/Single Topic Issue (August 2013)

ASBPE Gold, Editorial Excellence/Government Coverage (April 2013, “HIPAA Turns 10”/“ARRA on the Job”/“Word from Washington”)

ASBPE Silver, Online Excellence: Blog: How-to Tips/Service (June 2013/August 2013/November 2013, “Code Cracker”)

ASBPE Silver, Online Excellence: Video: Tutorial (May 2013, “Customer Service in Action”)

ASBPE Bronze, Graphics Excellence: Opening Page Spread: Illustration (August 2013, “HIM’s Evolving Workforce”)


AMP Bronze, Web Publishing Redesign ( website)

ASBPE Silver, Front Cover Illustration (June 2014, “Not So Fast! Congress Delays ICD-10-CM/PCS”)


ASHPE Gold, Best Cover Illustration (June 2015, “Life After ICD-10”)

ASHPE Silver, Regular Department (May, September, and November/December 2015 installments of the “Navigating Privacy and Security” Working Smart column: “Responding to Requests from Law Enforcement Officials for Release of PHI,” Consumer Health Information Bill of Rights Advancing Public Good,” and “Cybersecurity 101”)


ASHPE Gold, Best New Department (“Road to Governance” Working Smart column)

ASBPE Silver, Best Photo Gallery/Slide Show (“Making HIPAA Work for You: Discussing Record Access (and More) for Consumers“)


ASBPE National Bronze, Best Photo Gallery/Slide Show (“Release of Information vs. ‘The Experts’“)

ASBPE Silver, Best Photo Gallery/Slide Show (“Release of Information vs. ‘The Experts’“)

ASHPE Gold, Best Opening Page/Spread: Computer Generated (September 2017, “Money Troubles”)

ASHPE Bronze, Best Magazine Cover: Computer Generated (March 2017, “Making HIPAA Work for Consumers”)

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