Editorial Advisory Board

Members of the Journal of AHIMA Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) act as part of an advisory body to help editorial staff determine the content of the Journal and Journal website. This includes reviewing unsolicited manuscripts, advising on editorial topics (including identifying topics of interest and potential article ideas for both the magazine and website), providing a network of potential contributors/authors, and periodically completing an evaluation form for an issue of the Journal or website content. EAB members serve terms of three years.

AHIMA believes that our volunteers are the heart of the association. The role of the EAB is important to the continued success of the Journal.

Members of the EAB do not need to have publishing experience (though it is a plus). Most important is your professional expertise and an interest in helping the editors make the Journal of AHIMA an even better publication. EAB members are encouraged to identify their subject areas of expertise and interest.

For more information on volunteering at AHIMA, including applying to volunteer as a member of the EAB, visit http://engage.ahima.org/volunteeropportunities or http://www.ahima.org/volunteers.

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