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Benefits Outweigh Downside When Giving Cancer Patients Access to Doctors’ Notes

The movement to give patients electronic access to doctors’ notes continues to gain momentum, as additional studies garner positive feedback from participating patients.

Capturing Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Data through HIT

Capturing sexual orientation/gender identity information will assist in providing more patient-centered treatment/care, encourage staff to provide more culturally-sensitive services to all patients, including those that are LGBTQ, and reduce health disparities through monitoring of the quality of treatment/care to LGBTQ patients.

Old Software, New Problems for HHS, Veterans Affairs

College students that rely on the GI Bill to pay for their educations have found themselves coming up short when their monthly bill comes due because the Department of Veterans Affairs software responsible for reimbursing beneficiaries is too old.

Will Coders Ever Return to the Office?

It feels like it has been much longer since the days when many coding professionals were working in the basement of a hospital, still coding from paper charts, the idea of being able to work from home much more dream than reality—but the telecommuting coder has been a relatively recent phenomenon.

White Papers

Case Study: The Patient Matching Challenge

With numerous health systems experiencing mergers and acquisitions, interoperability and health information management have presented a significant barrier toward optimal care delivery and improved patient outcomes. The integrity of patient data can be threatened when patient records converged from different electronic health record (EHR) systems can’t be correctly matched and linked.

White Paper: Improving Patient Matching with a Simple Plug-in

There are substantial—and growing—costs to inaccurate patient matching. Learn how a groundbreaking solution can improve match rates, thereby improving healthcare data exchange.

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Slideshow: Convention Photo Roundup

Revisit the highlights of this year’s Annual Convention and Exhibit.

How to Address IRF Coding Challenges

A Tuesday roundtable presentation, “Challenges for HIM at the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility,” addressed issues such as limited educational opportunities for HIM professionals specific to the IRF setting, how official ICD-10-CM coding guidelines do not always fit IRF coding, and the excessive number of requests for audits compared to the size of the IRF unit.

Reptiles that Bite and Plants that Slice: Coding the Everglades

The Everglades, under an hour’s drive directly west from the Miami Beach Convention Center, is an unparalleled subtropical wilderness brimming with beautiful wetland landscapes and rare plant and animal species. But those who don’t heed the National Park Service’s warnings could end up the unfortunate recipient of these ICD-10 codes.

November-December 2018

Ensuring Data Integrity During Health Information Exchange

October 2018

Specialty and Non-Acute Data Analytics Initiatives Offer Focus and Opportunity for HIM

September 2018

Using Health Informatics to Tackle Duplicate Medical Record Issues

Coding for a Urological Procedure

This patient, a 47-year-old male with adenoma of the prostate, is being treated in the outpatient surgery suite.

CPT Guidelines on Procedure Coding

Monday Coding Quiz (multiple choice question): Per CPT guidelines, a separate procedure [more…]

Using Category II Codes

Monday Coding Quiz: Category II codes cover all but one of the following topics. Which is not addressed by Category II codes?

Slideshow: Reflections on a Profession

Carol Lewis has been a long-time member of AHIMA, starting in the 1950s. She looks back at how the profession has evolved over the decades.

When Disaster Strikes: Preparing to Weather the Storm

In recent years, the US has seen a number of devastating natural disasters—a trend that experts expect to continue. As the nimbleness with which providers can respond to these circumstances is put to the test, HIM professionals are in a position to greatly assist provider response and enable the swift treatment of evacuees and other groups impacted by storms through their involvement with HIEs.

Celebrating 90 Years of HIM: A Look back at AHIMA Through the Decades (1960s-2010s)

In the decades from the 1960s to present day, AHIMA and its members have continuously paved the way in an evolving profession vital to the modern healthcare industry.