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Health IT Vendors, Software Developers Look to Streamline Automated Organ Donation Process

A successful organ transplant process hinges on timely notification of organ availability and communications between the recipient and donor teams.

Healthcare Providers Increasingly Considering Cyber Insurance

In the healthcare industry, breach is the new black. The healthcare industry has become a favorite cyberattack target among hackers—and the tide shows no signs of slowing any time soon.

Effective Communication and Training to Make IG “Stick”

There are several other approaches that organizations may take to achieve success and a program that actually “sticks.” One of the critical steps is effective communication and training on IG for the entire workforce.

Using Data and HIM Tools to Address the Opioid Epidemic

To combat the opioid crisis, all areas of healthcare are focusing their efforts on finding solutions. Where does the field of health information management fit in? What can we do? What tools are available?

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AHIMA Members Advocating for HIM Issues on Capitol Hill

This week, a contingent of HIM professionals are bringing their years of experience and knowledge to Capitol Hill as part of the 2018 AHIMA Advocacy Summit in Washington DC.

Top Takeaways from the 2017 AHIMA Convention

Miss something from AHIMA’s 2017 Convention and Exhibit? No worries, the Journal has you covered. Read on to find out more about the week’s most notable moments.

AHIMA Leading the Way on National and International Standardization

The AHIMA Standards Team collaborates with the international community on developing and implementing standards that will help you to share your patient summary with a foreign healthcare provider, as well as electronically send the summary of this encounter to the US-based primary care provider.

July-August 2018

Payers, auditors increase clinical validation checks

Who Tells Your Story? [Sponsored]

“Who tells your story?” It’s a question pondered throughout the Broadway sensation “Hamilton,” and it’s a good question; one that providers need to be focused on as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) moves towards value-based reimbursement.

2018 Consulting and Outsourcing Guide

The 2018 Consulting and Outsourcing Guide was published in the June 2018 Journal of AHIMA. This special advertising section is published to promote various consulting and outsourcing resources.

Coding for a Urological Procedure

This patient, a 47-year-old male with adenoma of the prostate, is being treated in the outpatient surgery suite.

CPT Guidelines on Procedure Coding

Monday Coding Quiz (multiple choice question): Per CPT guidelines, a separate procedure [more…]

Using Category II Codes

Monday Coding Quiz: Category II codes cover all but one of the following topics. Which is not addressed by Category II codes?

First and Second Quarter Coding Clinic Highlights

Coding experts summarize the coding recommendations presented in the latest American Hospital Association’s Coding Clinic guides.

Coding Centralization Lessons Learned During a Reorganization Project

A coding consultant shares best practices from a recent coding centralization project completed at Kaiser Permanente.

Parsing the Language of Continuous HIM Education: CCHIIM, Credentials, Certificates, and Certifications

CCHIIM plays a key role in ensuring that today’s HIM professionals have the needed skills and competencies to navigate the healthcare landscape currently shifting under their feet. If an HIM professional wants to maximize their skills and knowledge—which AHIMA’s HIM Reimagined initiative strongly urges—AHIMA offers multiple ways to do that through certificates and certification programs.