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HHS Responds to Federal Cybersecurity Mandates

At the urging of two presidential executive orders and a portion of the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, HHS is working to develop a stronger cybersecurity infrastructure.

Where Personalized Medicine and Litigation (Might) Collide

Personalized medicine made the news recently when, on April 6, 2017, the FDA allowed the marketing of 23andMe’s genetic health risk tests for ten diseases or conditions.

A Simple API: Will it solve healthcare’s interoperability problems?

In the near future, as integration becomes easier and migration to the healthcare cloud continues its acceleration, the average health system’s portfolio of digital health offerings is likely to become expansive. Health systems should focus on proper information governance principles now.

WannaCry Ransomware Attacks Put Organizations on Alert

A chord of fear has been struck in many organizations—both healthcare and others—after the ransomware attacks that occurred last week that infected more than 200,000 computers across 150 different countries.

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Top Takeaways from the 2016 AHIMA Convention

Did you miss convention, or are you still feeling like it was all a bit of a blur? Revisit the top takeaways from this year’s event as some of AHIMA’s subject matter experts weigh in.

2016 Convention: Population-based, Data-driven Patient Care is an Art and Science

Paula H. Infeld, MSN, RN, CPHIMS, vice president, managing director of health IT with Sage Growth Partners, provided an overview of the key milestones needed to operationalize population health management during her convention presentation on Monday.

2016 Convention: New Coding, HIM Apprenticeships Offer Opportunity to Enter the Industry

The AHIMA Foundation is responding to the growing industry shortage of experienced coding and HIM professionals by unveiling an apprenticeship standard and initiative along with succinct guidelines certified by the US Department of Labor.

May 2017

Teaching the ‘New’ HIM

April 2017

While coverage gaps and growing breaches raise industry concern, others argue HIPAA is still effective

March 2017

Teach consumers to fish (for health records) and they’ll have information for a lifetime

Coding for a Urological Procedure

This patient, a 47-year-old male with adenoma of the prostate, is being treated in the outpatient surgery suite.

CPT Guidelines on Procedure Coding

Monday Coding Quiz (multiple choice question): Per CPT guidelines, a separate procedure [more…]

Using Category II Codes

Monday Coding Quiz: Category II codes cover all but one of the following topics. Which is not addressed by Category II codes?

Profile: One HIM Professional’s Road to the C-Suite

The journey from coding professional to C-suite executive isn’t really as far as it seems—just ask Cheryl Harmon, MBA, CFO of St. Vincent Health. Last year, Harmon was named one of the CFOs of the year by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Hiring a Workforce that Works [Sponsored]

Change. In the healthcare information management field, it’s one of the only constants. Hiring the right people into these changing circumstances means taking a step back to understand the education, work experience, and personal qualities that make for the best employees right out of the gate and down the road.

Managing Millennials in HIM

This article explores ways to bridge generational gaps in the workplace, offering insights and strategies for attracting, managing, and retaining Millennials in HIM. As the next generation of industry professionals, Millennials bring different characteristics, life experiences, and expectations to the workplace. HIM leaders need to respect the differences and find creative ways to engage this new generation entering the workforce. Managers have a choice. They can either accept and perpetuate negative stereotypes or choose to see the needs, objectives, and talents of others.