Why You Need Medical Terminology

Why You Need Medical Terminology

Healthcare terminology provides a standardized “language of medicine” that allows healthcare providers and HIM professionals the ability to get their daily work done. The July Journal of AHIMA features an article discussing the important role healthcare terminology plays in information standardization.

In this audio feature, the co-authors of that article, June Bronnert, director of terminology coding at Intelligent Medical Objects, and Chip Masarie, IMO’s chief terminologist, discuss in layman’s terms just what medical terminology is, why it interests them, and how HIM professionals use terminology on a day-by-day basis.


  1. Medical terminology is a universal language that is used between doctors, patients, computers and students. Medical terminology is important for one universal style of diagnosis and treatment. Medical terminology helps to make the medical field more specialized and safe.

  2. Medical Terminology is very important information for using in Health care. This allows better communication and understanding for health care professionals to take care of patients and meet the patients needs.

    1. I agrees without medical terminology the medical field would be more dangerous.

  3. Medical terminology is important because it allows those individuals working in the health care field to all be on the same page in an instant when needed. Not only doctor’s and nurse’s, but also therapist, lab technicians, radiology, and so on. As the example that was used between a bike and a bicycle, if you did not know they were the same thing, you would miss out on the prize. Medical terminology gives a quicker response time in emergencies, and is a universal language that can be used no matter where you are in the world.

  4. This audio shows that with out medical terminology it would be chaos. Understanding medical terminology can create a quicker response and reaction from medical professionals and could possible save ones live by speeding up the process of testing examing and finding out what is wrong with a patient.

    Also if everyone uses the same codes then if you travel to a foreign country they could get your information and know exactly what you have been treated for in a quicker fashion.

  5. I listened the audio and Medical Terminology is very important in the medical field. And as you get used to the terminology it gets eaathe same that was back in the day and I learned a lot. It is about breaking down words basically. You have your root word followed by the suffix. Sometimes there is a prefix but sometimes not. Having taken this class before, when we used books and written quizzes, a lot of medical terminology is memorization. A lot of words mean but prefix or suffixes can change the word meaning.

  6. This audio states that without medical terminology, life is like a computer without a standard dictionary to, in order to avoid misinterpretation of saying the same thing, but in different ways. It can can be said to be differntexpression of words for better understanding. For example if I said “Dr I need a surgery ” he’d ask more questions to have a clear meaning of what I said. But I I stated that ” Dr I need a craniotomy” he knows I mean skull surgery.

  7. Without medical terminologies, Healthcare workers
    and even students would have complications in communication. This would be a problem because of the major reason which is understanding, they could say the same thing with different meaning. Medical terminology helps for better understanding and common language.

  8. Medical Terminology is really fascinating because it allows student or healthcare workers to communicate in one language which makes more interesting. Although it’s really hard to memorize since it’s like learning a new language, but medical terminologies keeps me feeling smart next time I visit the doctor.

  9. I found this audio recording interesting, I found it interesting because it is very important that when in having a conversation with a medical student from another school or even in the same school you can talk to each other using medical terminology and being able to understand each other and know exactly what the other is talking about. As you could say medical terminology is a great way to “bridge the gap”.

  10. What I got out of this video is that you have all types of languages and how what you write has to mean the same thing

  11. I agree with (June Bronnert) AHIMA is an” Electrical Bridge to Medical Terminology”. To get a better understanding of the area that you’ll be caring for alone with making it easier to read,understand,and to update patients chart’s for future references. For example if I said ” Dr. I would like to have a peel.” He would have to ask more questions to further understand what I’m asking for to make a plan of treatment. He wouldn’t know if I needed a barber or dermataologist if I just stated that, “I needed a peel.” But, if I told him I would like an Derma Peel he would have an better understanding of the area he’d be treating,for charting, and medical billing purposes. I believe that terms help to clarify the area of treatment in which they’re identified through Medical Terminology.

  12. I feel that a person must be able to pronounce the medical terms properly,due to the communication of skilled medical professionals of today.I feel that it is also very important to know the meaning of the terms you learn to pronounce.

    1. I totally agree with you on knowing the meaning of a term not just having the ability to repeat it . It helps you have an better understanding of the area that you’ll be treating and how to go about charting it after the treatment also.

  13. I’m particularly intrigued by the concept of “interface terminology” and its ability to help clinicians and health information management professionals “find the right diagnosis and procedure terms to document and code more comprehensively within their normal workflow”. I’m looking forward to this class!

  14. Medical terminology is a necessary language that all healthcare workers need to be familiar with. It is very helpful when you can read notes, discharge summaries and history and physical reports and know what is actually being said. I think I will find this fascinating in my class because I am about to embark into a new world in the medical healthcare field.

  15. I want to take the medical terminology online class with ahima, how can I apply and join the next class?

  16. I knew that medical terminology was very important and necessary in the medical field, but, the illustration about the bike, bicycle, and mountain bike was a great way to explain the “many ways to say the same thing, yet mean something different. I personally would hate to take a “bike” on a mountain trail. The illustration really expounded on the importance of grasping the understanding of knowing the correct spelling and pronunciation in medical terminology.

  17. I think that without medical terminology it would be very difficult to do your job. I am so ready to get going and started in this class.

  18. Understanding medical terminology is interesting . In the medical world you need it I look forward to the class.

  19. I’m looking forward for this class there many different medical terms that I’m willing to sit threw and listen.

  20. I believe that understanding medical terminology can create a quicker response and reaction from the medical professionals and possibly save ones life by speeding up the process.

    1. I also agree with you,” That having the knowledge of medical terminology would help with an quickier response .” So you can go straight to assessing the area and then to a treatment plan because you don’t have to figure out where it’s located or what it is refeering. Due to the fact you know what it is and the meaning of said procedure.

    2. I like this video because it goes in depth what medical terms is really about.

      1. This video shows why Medica is important. If we didn’t have medical terminology people would understand us and we want to use codes so it would be better and faster and so we could under also is after and I would love to learn more about it

      2. Yes I agree I think medical terminology is another easy way of going to write things down and saying things and we need to use code in the hospital so nobody would know what we talk about and saying wrong this I also thing medical terminology is another way of explaining this I would love to learn more about this

  21. I love how one of the speakers talks about bringing order to chaos. There are so many different branches of the medical field but they all connect to one purpose. Getting your team in order takes a highly motivated individuals.It takes more than one person to keep a team running smoothly and successfully, it takes each person doing their job to the best of their skills and knowledge.

  22. I am looking forward to this class. I agree that it will be interesting to know how to use the tools to correctly do the job

    1. I am looking forward to this class to learn more about medical terminology in the work professional.

    2. This audio shows that life without medical terminology “language of medicine” is like a computer without a standard dictionary to search t avoid misunderstandings of saying the same thing but in different ways. It can be said to be an expression of words and its meaning for convenience and better understanding. For example I told my Dr I needed a surgery, he ask what surgery. But If I had said I need Craniotomy he’ll have full understanding of what I said. So, I think these medical terms helps espandciate more on diseases an condition.

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