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Focus On: Social Determinants of Health

Every person’s health story is unique. Telling that story requires clinical data and the socioeconomic factors that influence overall health. Capturing social determinants of health (SDOH) data—which include factors such as economic stability, social connections, and behavioral health—helps healthcare providers create meaningful health journeys for individuals and communities. As the leading voice of health information, AHIMA believes that health information professionals bring a uniquely comprehensive view to using SDOH data. AHIMA is working across the healthcare landscape to educate, align, and advocate for purposeful and informed strategies that safeguard privacy, reduce cost, improve quality of care, and foster a patient-centered experience that is broadly accessible and equitable to the communities the health system serves.

What are SDOH?

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are the economic, social, and behavioral conditions that influence the health and quality of life of individuals and populations. HIM professionals are uniquely equipped to capture this complex information, helping clinical and financial health teams create meaningful health journeys for individuals and communities.

SDOH at Your Fingertips

Bookmark this page as a navigable resource for SDOH-related content. Here you will find articles from the Journal of AHIMA exploring the topic of SDOH as well as information on events and other resources from AHIMA and across the healthcare industry.

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