Last fall, AHIMA announced that it was embarking on an “organizational transformation” to set the association up for a successful future. Last week’s Journal of AHIMA slideshow explained what AHIMA’s transformation would look like. This week, we’re tackling where we are now in the transformation and the activities we’re working on to guide the process.

Watch this space during the month of March for more updates on what to expect next from AHIMA’s transformation.


Vital organizations have distinct vision and mission statements that help guide everything they do—and these statements are constantly evolving. Re-evaluating them is a best practice for nonprofit organizations. AHIMA started to draft statements to guide this transformation in January and will work on finalizing them this spring. They will be used to guide strategic choices and provide focus; anchor the organization to a common direction; inspire and motivate organization staff and members; and position and communicate AHIMA’s role in the healthcare ecosystem. Our mission and vision statements will serve as starting points for AHIMA’s long-term strategic plan.

At the end of 2018, to help inform our conversations around AHIMA’s mission, vision, and values, we surveyed component state association (CSA) presidents, presidents-elect, state leaders in AHIMA’s House of Delegates, and CSA Central Office Coordinators or Executive Directors. Their feedback answered the question: “Why does AHIMA exist?” First and foremost, respondents said, AHIMA serves the health information management (HIM) profession in the following ways:

  • Leading through education, research, and advocacy
  • Promoting the field of HIM
  • Providing networking for professionals to learn from each other


In the survey, respondents described HIM professionals as stewards, protectors, gatekeepers, and caretakers of health information. They also said AHIMA serves the healthcare industry by:

  • Ensuring the security, integrity, and reliability of health information and medical records
  • Furthering an evolving knowledge and accurate documentation of care processes across the healthcare continuum, nationally and internationally
  • Providing resources to other healthcare professions as well as government regulators and patients

AHIMA also serves patients by:

  • Ensuring the reliability of health information and advocating for accurate patient information
  • Ensuring quality information for quality healthcare


AHIMA will continue gathering input from the House of Delegates, CSA leaders, and others to inform our strategy as we work toward a long-term transformation vision. The next step in the process is creating a 2020-2023 strategic plan for the association. AHIMA members are encouraged to reach out to their state association leaders if they have questions or comments regarding AHIMA’s transformation. For a list of CSAs and links to their websites where you can find leaders’ contact information, click here. It’s important to remember this is a multi-year effort. We’ll have a strategic plan through 2023, but change is happening fast, and AHIMA will continue to continue to change, too.


Mary Butler is associate editor at Journal of AHIMA.

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  1. With regard to the education aspect of AHIMA when and/or do you plan to add the Int/Adv coding course that is now required for the CCS exam?

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