Resources and Credentials Help Bridge the Path to Informatics

Resources and Credentials Help Bridge the Path to Informatics

This blog explores health informatics—a collaborative activity connecting people, process, and technologies to produce trusted data for better decision-making.

By Dawn Paulson, MJ, RHIA


In our second installment of Journal of AHIMA’s new blog Illuminating Informatics, we will continue to discuss the current significant technology growth  in the healthcare industry and the need for complete and accurate data collection for a multitude of business purposes. Given the roles and responsibilities of health information management (HIM) professionals, now is an ideal time to transition into an informatics role involving the design, management, support, and application of the electronic health record. To facilitate that transition into the more technical aspects of HIM, AHIMA continues to develop tools by way of books, articles, webinars, presentations, and the Certified Professional in Health Informatics (CPHI) credential.

The CPHI credential signifies that an individual possesses the required knowledge and expertise in health informatics. As detailed on AHIMA’s information page about the CPHI credential, the credential “also demonstrates a competent workforce and professional group for system support, subsequent organizational support, prestige, and the opportunity to belong to a prestigious premier professional association.”

The CPHI exam consists of seven domains, all of which tie back to the roles and responsibilities detailed in this previous Illuminating Informatics post. These roles include:

  • Project Management
  • Workflow
  • Clinical Support
  • System Design
  • System Development
  • Interface
  • Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • System Implementation
  • System Support
  • Portal and Consumer Support

The seven domains of the CPHI exam are:

  • Data Analysis and Utilization
  • Data Reporting
  • Data Management, Privacy, and Security
  • Management of Health Information Systems and Processes
  • Database Management
  • Health Informatics Training
  • Project Management

AHIMA offers tools to prepare for success in passing the CPHI credentialing exam. Resources vary from books targeted to health informatics and information technology (see this list of recommended resources for more information), to online articles in AHIMA’s HIM Body of Knowledge and self-paced learning options. A series of pre-recorded webinars, “Self-Paced Learning Certified Professional in Health Informatics: Advancement in Health Informatics” is available for purchase either as individual units or a bundle. Each recording is targeted to the specific domains listed above. In addition, a post-quiz is offered at the end to test your understanding of the content specific to that domain. Lastly, a series of health informatics webinars are available for purchase either for real-time access or a replay.

The Illuminating Informatics blog is the latest educational opportunity for those either transitioning into the profession, or those simply with the desire to keep up with technological advancements and informatics news on an ongoing basis. Join us each month as new blog posts feature a wide range of topics specific to health informatics and information management, written by professionals in the field.


If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities to write a guest post for Illuminating Informatics, contact Dawn Paulson at


Dawn Paulson ( is director of informatics at AHIMA.


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