Patient/Caregiver Resources

Need some guidance on how to request your medical records? Want to know more about your privacy rights as a patient? Browse the Patient/Caregiver Resources category on the Journal of AHIMA website to get started.

Founded in 1928, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is a national non-profit professional association dedicated to the effective management of health information. AHIMA’s members are health information management (HIM) professionals who specialize in managing and protecting your health information and records in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare settings. They help to ensure health information is complete, accurate, protected, and available where and when it’s needed. The goal of effective HIM is to help provide quality healthcare to the public.

Journal of AHIMA has published several articles that patients and caregivers may find useful in their efforts to better understand and manage their personal health information—whether looking for guidance on how to get the records request ball rolling or simply wanting to find some general information on privacy rights.

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