Members Are Pivotal to AHIMA’s Transformation

Members Are Pivotal to AHIMA’s Transformation


The New Year is here, and I am excited and honored to serve as your AHIMA Board President/Chair for 2020. While I love volunteering, equally important are the members I’ve interacted with over the years and all they have done to mentor me. I would not be in this position today if others had not invested in and nurtured me along the way. In return, mentoring others has been an important part of my volunteer journey.

Each day at work we receive an email with a thought of the day. As I was in the midst of my campaign for president/chair elect in 2018, I opened my emails to this one: “If your dreams don’t scare you, you aren’t dreaming big enough.”

As I hope each of you know, in July 2018 the AHIMA Board discussed the life cycle of organizations and during the Leadership Symposium they asked the attendees where they felt AHIMA was on the life cycle. Overwhelmingly, attendees agreed with the board—AHIMA was in a decline phase. Work to develop a new mission, vision, and strategy for the association began in 2019. This took courage and a willingness to step out of our comfort zone. I truly believe that if our dreams for AHIMA don’t scare us, then we are not dreaming big enough.

Leadership expert Robin S. Sharma said, “Leadership is not about a title or designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire your teammates and customers.”

Each of us can apply this to how we live each day, both personally and professionally.

“Empowering people to impact health” is AHIMA’s mission. Each of us can empower patients, healthcare providers, and fellow health information professionals in their journeys to impact health. This is a huge opportunity for AHIMA to move our profession forward. Let’s be the disruptor. Let’s demand a seat at the table. Let’s lead others to transform health and healthcare.

I recently read an article by Chris Nerney titled “Change is scary. Disruption is scary. Being left behind is even scarier.”1 As individuals, we can’t do anything about the first two beyond maintaining our awareness. But AHIMA and its members can do something to avoid being left behind. AHIMA’s mission, vision, and strategy are our road map to journey from decline to renewal to innovation in the life cycle of our organization.

Our future is bright, but we must transform, be proactive, and work quickly. I ask that each of you join me in this transformational journey and help shape AHIMA’s future. The sky is full of stars for us to reach. Let’s light up the path, work together, and make 2020 a stellar year for AHIMA!


Nerney, Chris. “Change is scary. Disruption is scary. Being left behind is even scarier.”, May 14, 2019.


Ginna Evans ( is coding educator, internal medicine specialties division, Emory Clinic, Emory Healthcare.