Journal of AHIMA 2020 Transformation

Journal of AHIMA Unveils Digital Transformation

For more than 90 years, AHIMA has been the leader in advocacy and continuing education for health information professionals around the world. As the industry adapts to a more interconnected healthcare ecosystem, it’s critical that AHIMA provides leading edge information that is timely, accessible, and flexible to the evolving demands of the professions we serve.

For this reason, we are proud to announce the digital transformation of our flagship publication, the Journal of AHIMA.

Based on the success of the Journal’s digital channels and unfortunate declines in the affordability of publishing print publication, AHIMA will now exclusively publish the Journal of AHIMA online, beginning with the July 2020 issue.

We will continue to publish the same great content to keep you current on issues that affect the profession while sharing best practices and the latest thinking in health information.

And we will still offer the same number of CEU opportunities based on our content. We know the Journal—and the content it delivers—is a valuable member benefit and we want to build upon that. Click here to view all articles that have a CE quiz available, starting with articles published in January 2020.

So—let’s meet the new website:

We launched with a high-touch redesign optimized for an increasingly mobile audience and featuring impactful journalism covering all domains of health information—clinical, financial, administrative, and policy.

Key components of the new site include:

  • Streamlined Navigation: Our new design template allows Journal editors to highlight the latest topics, spotlight major articles and story packages, and dynamically connect related stories under a singular topic. The site also gives us the flexibility to create curated multimedia landing pages for our 2020 thought leader topics, allowing readers to spend more productive time on the site. Be sure to visit our pages on Social Determinants of Health, Patient Identification & Matching, and COVID-19.
  • Consistency Across Platforms. Many of our readers prefer to read the Journal via smartphone and tablet devices, and through their curated social media channels. Today the magazine more effectively reaches and engages with our members through a new website, email, and social media channels. Our well-organized mobile experience meets the needs of our increasingly mobile audience.
  • More Content, More Often. Unlike our print counterpart, the digital Journal provides our editors and contributors with much more flexibility and timeliness in how and when we publish a story. Publishing entirely online allows us to provide even more content. It also allows us the freedom to find new and innovative ways to tell a story, including the use of multimedia content, social media, audio and visual narratives and more.
  • Integrating Across AHIMA. The Journal website also allows us to easily connect readers with the broader organization, including government relations, membership, webinars, exclusive events, and volunteer opportunities.
  • A Limitless Future. Our announcement of the digital transformation of the Journal of AHIMA is just the first step in an ambitious project to fundamentally change the way we tell and deliver stories to our audience. In the months ahead, look for new and dynamic storytelling modules to appear on the website.

As we said at the beginning of the year when the new website launched, we ask that you embrace this change with us! Digital platforms allow us to do many things we can’t in print, providing opportunities for more content, more engagement, more sharing.

The Journal of AHIMA is not ending, it is simply evolving into something better.

I am eager to hear your feedback. Please let me know what you think—and how we could improve your experience.

—Matt Schlossberg ( is Editor of the Journal of AHIMA.



How many times will the Journal of AHIMA be printed in 2020?

The Journal published a print edition every other month. It ceased its print edition with the May 2020 issue. Going forward, all issues of the Journal will be published digitally on the first weekday of every month. In addition, new content will be published weekly between issues.

Will there be fewer quizzes in 2020?

No! There will be at least the same number of quizzes available. CE quizzes are available for articles found online. Click here to view all articles that have a CE quiz available, starting with articles published in January 2020.

Will content be published online throughout the month?

The Journal of AHIMA will publish online on the first of each month. We also publish new content every week.

Where is the new website and how is it different?

The new Journal website can be found at All content from the magazine will reside here, so you will not need to click into the BOK and the digital edition of the print magazine to access articles. The new site is mobile-friendly and allows linking to individual articles so they can be shared in social media, newsletters, and more.

I am a subscriber to the print edition.

If you are a subscriber to the print Journal, please contact Matt Schlossberg, Editor, at

Are there other changes?

Going forward, news about AHIMA and our members will be published within the sections of the Journal site. Columns from AHIMA’s President, Speaker of the House of Delegates, policy and government affairs team, and CEO will be published here as well.