COVID-19 Resources for HIM Professionals

COVID-19 Resources for HIM Professionals

The COVID-19 pandemic is a quickly evolving situation. Health information management (HIM) professionals need to stay on top of the latest developments in order to help their healthcare organization prepare.

The following websites may provide valuable information. This is information for both HIM and health IT professionals, some specific to clinicians. Most are government/state agency best practices and guidance for public health crises in the United States.

These resources were recommended and compiled by Ashley Andrews Dean, CPHIMS, CHDA, CPHI, CPPM, CPC, an EHR, MACRA, and HIM value-based care performance consultant and member of the AHIMA Privacy and Security Practice Council.


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  1. To clarify we can on use the U07.1 after April 1, 2020 pervious to this date we cannot? Also, can you please verify for me that in inpatient setting if a doctor documents COVID-10 we do not have to have a lab test to verify his diagnosis correct?

    I have queries I want to use but I don’t only want to use them in house but in the ER as well. Your thoughts?

  2. I have the same question as Angela – If a patient comes in to the ED with signs and symptoms of fever, cough, URI and the physician does not mention any suspicion or anything about Covid but a swab test is done how would we code this? Just signs and symptoms? Can we use the Encounter for suspected code?
    or code S&S and a cpt code for test?


  3. Can we assume relationship if pt. has pneumonia and positive Covid 19 test or does MD have to say they are related.

    1. Hi Marsha, there is a free webinar from AHA presented by Nelly Leon-Chisen that is well worth a listen. She addressed this question and the answer is yes, we can assume the link between pneumonia/respiratory condition provided that there is documented evidence of a positive Covid-19 test result in the record.

  4. If a patient comes in to the ED, tent or drive -up testing site with signs and symptoms of fever, cough, upper respiratory infection and a test for COVID-19 is done, does the physician have to state contact/exposure to the disease in order to apply the Z20.828 or can we apply this code just based on the test being done and signs and symptoms? What about the only documentation stated is that patient works in the lab and the doc runs test for COVID-19? How would we code this? Can we automatically code Z20.828 just because test is being run or should the provider state concern for contact/exposure?

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