AHIMA Webinar: Advancing Social Determinants of Health

AHIMA Webinar: Advancing Social Determinants of Health

AHIMA has launched an on-demand webinar that explores the role of HIM in social determinants of health (SDOH).

Advancing the Integrity of Social Determinants of Health Data Through Collaboration is presented by Evelyn Gallego, MBA, MPH, CPHIMS, Chief Executive Officer, EMI Advisors; Linda Hyde, RHIA, Consultant; and Mary Mirabelli, Senior Vice President, Content Strategy and Delivery, Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

The links between health and non-physiological factors, such as social and environmental disparities, have been established for years and grouped under the catch-all term social determinants of health.

Thanks to key technology advancements and an industry-wide shift to value-based care, healthcare providers now have the ability to leverage data to look beyond the patient medical record at the socioeconomic factors that influence health quality.

From the health information management (HIM) perspective, SDOH presents challenges that extend far beyond coding. HIM professionals need to find creative and innovative ways to acquire, analyze, and apply SDOH data to whole patient healthcare.

The webinar’s objectives include:

  • Which SDOH interventions are realizing improved patient outcomes and return on investment for provider organizations
  • Use-cases and lessons learned from healthcare organization’s SDOH initiatives
  • Overview of the Gravity Project’s work on SDOH
  • Insights into collecting data concepts for SDOH programs

This webinar is part of a series of on-demand webinars based on presentations originally scheduled for the Advocacy Summit, which was cancelled in early March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other webinar topics include information blocking; enhancing patient access, integrating clinical and administrative data, and a social media and advocacy workshop. Two of the webinars are free. The others are $85 for non-members $65 for members, & $64 for premier members—or $100 for all five webinars.

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Take a closer look at SDOH from the HIM perspective. Click on our Social Determinants of Health landing page for in-depth stories, practical resources, and multimedia content.


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