AHIMA Releases Telehealth Toolkit

AHIMA Releases Telehealth Toolkit

By AHIMA Staff

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that telehealth now plays a central role connecting providers with patients. While new technologies like telehealth solve many problems, we can’t be naïve to new issues that involve patient privacy and data security.

AHIMA’s recently released Telehealth Toolkit offers thorough guidance to organizations that are looking to implement or expand their program. In fact, this particular version of the toolkit represents an extensive renovation from the one we published in 2017. Here, readers receive the most up-to-date resources with a special focus on teleconsultations. We also took special care to craft a global perspective, with advice for any country, not just the United States.

The toolkit is also an excellent resource for those who would like to gain a deeper understanding about telehealth in general and the steps required to successfully implement and maintain a telehealth program.

The toolkit is available in the AHIMA store at a reduced price of $49 for members and at the full price of $99 for nonmembers.

*This article has been updated to reflect the correct price and location for the toolkit.


  1. Good afternoon.

    The above article states that the telehealth toolkit is free to members but it showing as $49 when I add it to my cart. Am I missing something or should something else be added?

    Thank you.
    Kerry Atkins

    1. Hi Kerry,
      Thank you for your question. The article has been updated to reflect the correct information, I’m sorry for any inconvenience.
      Thank you,
      Sarah Sheber
      Production Editor

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