AHIMA in 2020: Putting our Strategy into Action

AHIMA in 2020: Putting our Strategy into Action

By Wylecia Wiggs Harris, PhD, CAE, chief executive officer

One of the striking things about the evolution of health information and the use of health information technology is the way technology has extended itself into our daily lives. As a result, patients are much more aware now of HIM-related issues that touch them.

It used to be rare to read about an HIM-related issue in the consumer press or hear about it on NPR. Today, while patients are not necessarily using our terminology, they are definitely aware of issues such as interoperability (“why do I have to fill out all of these forms AGAIN?”), privacy (“what are you going to do with my information?”), and the way technology can support and assist care (“I’m tracking my fitness/glucose levels/sleep with this app”).

That’s why the work AHIMA is doing to transform itself, at all levels, is so important at this juncture. AHIMA members have the expertise to advise, guide, and dig deep to help solve existing and emerging problems for healthcare and the industry. By raising our profile, convening with other professions, and making our voice heard, we are getting closer to ultimately carrying out our mission—empowering people to impact health.

This month’s cover story, “The HIM View for 2020,” highlights some of AHIMA’s priorities for the coming year, with an emphasis on patient matching, social determinants of health, and our key advocacy areas around privacy, interoperability, and patient identification. As you review it, I hope you’ll start to see a place for yourself in this picture. AHIMA will continue to work to illuminate the path forward.

A Year of Change for the Journal

In the last few years we’ve seen many changes in the way people receive healthcare. There have been just as many changes in the way people consume media. Podcasts, apps, and social media have all changed the way we consume news, entertainment, and, yes, professional development content.

Responding to these changes as well as to shifts in the advertising environment, AHIMA is making some changes to the way we communicate with you. In 2020 the Journal will be taking a “digital first” approach, which will allow AHIMA to deliver content faster, in a format that is easier to share and more adaptable to multimedia. This means we will be printing and mailing only six issues for 2020. However, we will publish an issue’s worth of content every month on the Journal of AHIMA website at journal.ahima.org—instead of the current 10 print issues a year.

As a member, you will still receive a year’s worth of content, although it will be in a different format. And for those who love our CE quizzes, we will still continue to offer the same number of quizzes every month.

We know the Journal is one of the most valued benefits of AHIMA membership, and we look forward to being able to showcase HIM best practices and member expertise in a way that is more modern, more engaging, and more interactive.
Thank you for your readership. Let’s have a great year.