Coding for Cancelled Colonoscopy

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A patient is scheduled for a colonoscopy, but due to a sudden drop in blood pressure, the procedure is cancelled just as the scope is introduced into the rectum. Because of moderately severe mental retardation, the patient was given a general anesthetic prior to the procedure. How should this procedure be coded by the hospital?

Source: AHIMA Press. Clinical Coding Workout, 2019.


  1. are there CEU’s for these quizzes

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  2. This is a misleading question, as your answer(s) are if you are coding for an ASC – whereas the CPT guidelines for Mod 74 clearly state that if you are reporting for physician services, the modifier 53 is the appropriate modifier for use.

    Please consider adding “who” or “where” the coder is coding for when writing your Q&A’s – “tests”.

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  3. We love coding quizzes! It helps all coders to code correctly and consistently. Thank you.

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