2019 Consulting and Outsourcing Guide

The 2019 Consulting and Outsourcing Guide was published in the June 2019 Journal of AHIMA. This special advertising section is published to promote various consulting and outsourcing resources. Click here to view the guide as a PDF download.

The below is an excerpt from the guide, discussing how consultants can use AHIMA’s new Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Train the Trainer program to sharpen their CDI skills.

CHEFS KNOW THAT a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one. While a sharp blade can work with speed and precision, a dull blade can easily veer off track and cut indiscriminately—including the chef. The same can be said with consultants and their skills—they are best kept sharp and current, lest they become dull and veer a job off course, causing irreparable damage.

AHIMA’s new Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Train the Trainer program serves as a grinding stone for consultants and other CDI professionals, allowing them to sharpen their CDI and presentation skills. The program format launched with ICD-10-CM/PCS training, then expanded in late 2018 to offer trainer courses in CDI and revenue cycle. The Train the Trainer program is geared toward those looking to create an in-house training program that grows competent staff as well as those who professionally consult in these key healthcare areas. The CDI Train the Trainer is especially enticing for consultants because it allows them to enhance their skills and professional profiles at a time when CDI skills have never been in higher demand, according to Tammy Combs, RN, MSN, CCS, CCDS, CDIP, director of HIM practice excellence, CDI/nurse planner at AHIMA.

“You want consultants that are experts, who come in and give you guidance on your organization. But how do you really know if they are an expert?” Combs says. “Well, there is the CDIP credential, which is one avenue. But the trainer program takes it another step, so that they are not only recognized as an expert in the subject area, but they are also an expert in CDI training, sharing that information with others. This program really helps consultants stand out.”

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