2018 Grace Award Application Period Opens

2018 Grace Award Application Period Opens

AHIMA’s Grace Award Committee began accepting applications on Sunday for the 2018 award, which honors healthcare organizations that demonstrate outstanding and innovative approaches to health information management (HIM).

Award applications are free and can be obtained by visiting www.ahima.org/grace. Applicants will fill out a short online form collecting information about an organization’s work in information governance, informatics, and data analytics, how HIM professionals are involved in these efforts, and how use of this information has led to process or care improvements. Also, the form asks applicants to discuss how HIM professionals demonstrate leadership in the organization, how the organization facilitates professional advancement for HIM professionals, and how HIM is involved in consumer engagement.

The application period closes May 25.

SCL Health received the Grace Award in 2017 after demonstrating exemplary work in the areas of informatics and analytics, as evidenced by their hiring of a data scientist type role and enhanced skill sets of new HIM data analysts. A group of SCL Health HIM professionals recently wrote a Data Revolution blog post that provides an update on their data analytics work since winning the Grace Award, titled “The ‘Accidental Data Analysts.’”

Chris Dimick is editor-in-chief of the Journal of AHIMA.