Health IT Leaders Face Uncertainty under a Trump Presidency

In the week since Donald Trump surprised many by winning the electoral vote to become the US president-elect, healthcare stakeholders have been taking stock of the ways a Trump administration in Washington, DC could impact health IT. In recent days, Trump has appeared to consider keeping key provisions of the Affordable Care Act—including the measure allowing adult children to stay on their parents’ insurance plan until age 26—as well as the provision disallowing the denial of coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions. And, as National Public Radio points out, dismantling the entire law is more difficult than Trump promised.

While there are several unknowns about the future of health policy, some health IT experts have ideas about what could happen.

Health Data Management Editor-in-Chief Fred Bazzoli outlined some of the challenges the new president must face as he revisits President Obama’s signature legislation.

For example, Bazzoli writes, Baby Boomers are going to continue to age and increase in number over the next four to eight years, presenting a number of challenges. Additionally, he notes that we face:

  • “Incredibly massive national expenditures for healthcare that nearly consume 20 percent of our gross national product.
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses for consumers that can far outstrip their ability to pay for them.
  • Providers who are struggling to make it financially, and fear the prospects of potential increases in uncompensated care expenses if fewer people have healthcare insurance coverage.”

Click here to read Bazzoli’s editorial.

A reporter for Healthcare IT News takes a different tack, examining the few thin health policy proposals Trump unveiled during his campaign.

As a candidate, Trump favored “tax-free Health Savings Accounts, which could become part of an individual’s estate and passed on to heirs without an estate penalty,” as well as allowing health insurance companies to offer plans across state lines, as long as they comply with state insurance laws.

Trump also favored price transparency from provider and hospital organizations that would allow consumers to comparison shop for services and procedures.

Click here to read the article in full.

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