2016 Convention Q and A: Data Integrity and How to Become an Identity Expert

On Monday, October 17, at Convention, in Rooms 339-342 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Vong Miphouvieng, MHA, RHIA, director of operations and regulatory compliance, health information management services, and Diann Smith, MS, RHIA, FAHIMA, CHP, vice president, health information management services, both at Texas Health Resources, will talk about the need for data integrity and the role of the data integrity specialist. In an e-mail Q&A from her home state of Texas, Smith, who joins the 2017 AHIMA board of directors in January as President/Chair-elect, discussed what attendees can expect at her and Miphouvieng’s session, “Truth and Consequences of Data Integrity.”


diannsmithWhy is data integrity important right now?

As health organizations become more complex, the risk of errors increases and the cost of patient safety is unmeasurable. On the flip side, the right identifier enhances the patient’s continuum of care. It’s important for HIM professionals to leverage our skill set to create and lead the Identity Governance process. Organizational data are being used to make critical business decisions as well as clinical decisions. For example, we have expanded services to the ACO, HIE, identity theft, and the amendment process.


Who do you see as the audience for this presentation?

We hope to see vice presidents of HIM, HIM directors, managers, data integrity, identity governance leaders, and anyone considering expanding services into clinics, joint ventures, and/or multi-site health systems.


 What do you hope attendees will know or do after this session?

During this session, attendees will learn how to effectively manage an enterprise-wide identity governance program, while exploring opportunities to expand HIM’s skill set in becoming identity subject matter experts within their organization.


You called your session, “Truth and Consequences.” Can you explain a little why you chose that title?

The patient’s health record should be the source of truth and there are consequences when data isn’t accurate.  We wanted the title to get everyone’s attention so they would stop and think about the importance of data integrity and say, “I want to attend that session.”


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