CommonWell Health Alliance Gives Patients Direct Medical Record Access

The CommonWell Health Alliance has announced that for the first time, patients whose providers are members of the Alliance will be given access to their health data as it is stored and transmitted by the CommonWell network.

“This access will be made possible by extending existing CommonWell services to enable a person to self-enroll in CommonWell, self-link their health records wherever they receive care, and self-query, and view their health data available on the CommonWell network,” the company said in a press release.
“Eight CommonWell members have already committed to deploying these services.”

The CommonWell Alliance is a vendor-led organization that believes data should follow a person wherever they go to receive care.

“We also believe, as a corollary that access should be built into whatever program or software it is that a caregiver is using to take care of the patient. Whether it’s a physician using an EHR or a lab person, or the patient themselves using an app or portal,” Jitin Asnaani, CommonWell’s executive director, told the Journal in August.

CommonWell has about 50 vendor partners and is live in a network of 4,700 sites.

“With the ability to self-enroll in CommonWell and self-link their health records, patients will be able to give their providers across the care continuum more secure, near instant access to their important health data, which could help improve care and coordination,” the press release states. “In addition, the self-query and view capabilities will save patients time and hassle of having to track down their health information provider by provider.”

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  1. I think this is a great advancement in electronic health records. It will give patients the opportunity to verify that their records are correct.

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