Journal of AHIMA Receives ASBPE Awards for Editorial, Design Excellence

The American Society of Business Publication Editors presented two awards to the Journal of AHIMA during the 2016 Upper Midwest Region Azbee Awards.

JAHIMA Cracking Encryption Art SpreadThe April 2015 cover story, “Cracking Encryption,” received the Azbee Bronze Award for Best Opening Page/Spread.

Encryption of health data is increasingly becoming necessary as hackers ramp up attacks on unprepared healthcare organizations and steal valuable—and sensitive—medical information. However, some organizations have trouble justifying the cost of encryption systems, even though millions of dollars and patient lives are at stake. This article, and design, helps health information managers understand just what encryption is and what it can do for an organization.

For this piece, the designer took advantage of the two-page spread to show the vastness of the data that is out there. Through the layers and opacities the reader sees volumes of data floating—both protected by encryption and unprotected. The unprotected data is at risk of being stolen. To counter that imagery the designer used various circles to represent the multiple layers of protection that a medical file can have through encryption.

A screenshot of the award winning slide show. To view, visit:

A screenshot of the award winning slide show. To view, click the link at left.

Also, the slide show created by Journal of AHIMA Associate Editor Mary Butler titled “IG and ‘Mission Control’: Launching the Future of Healthcare,” posted to the Journal of AHIMA website on August 1, 2015, received the Azbee Silver Award for Best Photo Gallery/Slide Show.

Information governance (IG) is the new frontier for today’s healthcare organizations, bringing with it the promise of leveraging information as a strategic asset for decision-making, performance improvement, cost management, and risk mitigation. IG is just getting off the ground in healthcare, but in order to be effectively implemented it requires multi-stakeholder participation and support—not unlike the various mission control team members that are vital to the success of a rocket launch.

With health information management professionals poised to take the lead in IG for healthcare, it’s important for them to understand all the aspects of developing and implementing a successful program, including helping to develop the right team to get it off the ground.

To illustrate the connection between NASA’s mission control and an IG team, a slide show of images and captions discussing the theme was published along with the web feature article “IG and ‘Mission Control’: Launching the Future of Healthcare.” The slide show adds an interactive element for readers to explore the connection between mission control and an IG team, illuminating aspects of the effort important to success and echoing the unexpected enormity of the undertaking.

Each year, the Azbee Awards honor excellence in the business, trade, and specialty press. This year 1,144 entries were submitted across three overall excellence categories, 24 print categories, 22 design categories, and 28 online categories.

Earlier this year, the Journal of AHIMA also won editorial excellence awards from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors as part of its 2016 Awards Competition.

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