Audio: Hiring an Outpatient Coding Professional

Good outpatient coding professionals can be hard to find. Learn more about recruiting—and keeping—
the good ones.


  1. I am a recent HIT grad, and will schedule and pass the exam in September. But many of us are faced with that aged-old Catch22 – you need at least 2 yrs experience before we can hire you. I believe that there should be some sort of placement or assistance for new grads.

    What advise can you give to new grads who are actively seeking employment in our field but continuously hitting a brick wall?


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  2. I feel that if you are a new graduate and just obtained your certification and are a person with not much experience, an organization should really look at the candidate even though they are lacking the required experience.

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    • As a recent graduate who has passed the ahima CCA exam you would think there would be endless job opportunities. There is no such luck, having ICD-10 training and certification won’t even get you to the interview. All the hard work, top grades, and stressing over certification seems worthless if I can’t get an interview let alone a job.

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