CPT Video Flash Cards: Freud Meets Spock, Yo-Yo Fallout, and More

Skate at Your Own Risk…

Uh-oh. Pretty sure I just heard something pop.

CPT Code: 29870, Arthroscopy of knee

Old Fashioned Image for Knee Arthroscopy

Yo-Yo Mishaps

One hour before his first 70140 (X-ray exam of facial bones).

A Lesser Known Form of Physical Therapy

No, your physical therapist isn’t trying to give you a pedicure—97022 (Whirlpool therapy) is sometimes used for such purposes as decreasing swelling, promoting wound healing, and improving motion.

Modern jacuzzi closeup

Scoot on Over

Who knew one of the side effects of a 28290 (Hallux valgus correction) was finding out how inconsiderate people are?

Freud and Spock Part 1

Psychotherapy, aka, “talk therapy” is practiced by social workers and clinical psychologists to treat a range of psychological disorders. Although the practice pre-dates Sigmund Freud, he is known as the Father of Psychoanalysis, which examines the subconscious and how childhood events impact one’s psyche.

Freud and Spock Part 2

Modern hypnotherapy doesn’t look anything like what’s represented in this video. However, it us frequently used to reduce the pain of childbirth; smoking cessation; pain disorders; post-traumatic stress disorder; anxiety; and numerous other afflictions of the mind and body.

Keeping the Beat

Is your pace not quite what it once was? Take heart!
CPT CODE: 33206, Insertion of replacement of permanent pacemaker with transvenous electrode; atrial

The Most Common Type of Surgery in the United States

If you live to the age of 75, you will likely have a cataract at some point. But rest assured, because cataract surgery is the most common type of surgery performed in the United States, so most lucky Americans can keep reading the Journal of AHIMA without too much trouble.

Diagnosis for “unspecified cataract”: H269
CPT Procedure code: 66984-LT “Extracapsular cataract extraction, insertion of intraocular lens prosthesis (one stage procedure) manual or mechanical technique; LT (left side of body)

Photo for CPT Cataracts

Would You Like Bacon with That?

Sure, this breakfast can be deadly. But it is soooo worth it.

CPT CODE: 33517, Under Combined Arterial-Venous Grafting for Coronary Bypass

This One’s for the Headbangers

Try not to look directly at it; soul damage could occur.

CPT CODE: 70250, X-ray exam of skull

Skull Image for Xray

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