Patient Portal Toolkit Available, Free for AHIMA Members

AHIMA just released its Patient Portal Toolkit, a follow up to the 2015 Practice Brief, “The Implementation and Management of Patient Portals.”

The practice brief addressed topic areas from stakeholders and selection to overall portal management and patient education. The toolkit, however, delves into the challenges and issues of managing a patient portal, with updates addressing the latest regulatory requirements.

The toolkit includes:

  • Definitions of the different types of patient portals used
  • Recommended practices for selection and implementation
  • Sample registration/enrollment form
  • Sample portal user agreement
  • Recommended practices for overall operations and management of a patient portal, including registration/enrollment, policies and procedures, and health information selection for the patient portal


“The purpose of this toolkit is to provide guidance on the issues and challenges that should be considered when implementing a patient portal, such as the types of policies and procedures that will need to be put into place,

workforce and consumer education and training, and the legal requirements and considerations that must be accounted for a successful portal implementation,” the toolkit authors write. “Sample forms, portal use agreement, and patient portal FAQs are also included.”


The toolkit is free for AHIMA members and can be found online in AHIMA’s HIM Body of Knowledge and on AHIMA’s web store.


  1. dear. I am an MSC student in health information technology. i need a guidline in lmplementation and management of patient portal.
    I would be appreciate if you help.

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  2. I need my medical records from Dr. Jerry Block (deceased) and his business was sold and moved all records and did not contact any of his patients. The company that has them has been called, and has not produced them. I need them before I can see another doctor, and my visit is urgent.

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