AHIMA Announces Winner of #MyHealthID Video Contest

AHIMA’s campaign to improve patient safety through a voluntary patient safety identifier feels personal to a lot of people. For proof, look no further than the winner of AHIMA’s social media video contest.

Leameana Davis, an HIM student at Missouri Western State University, admits that due to her unique first name, she’s never been confused for another person. However, as a certified nursing assistant in a hospital, she has witnessed a few near misses where patients with similar names have been confused.

“Thanks to awesome and vigilant staff, those near misses were caught before any damage could be done,” Davis says.

Davis participated in an AHIMA contest to improve awareness for the association’s #MyHealthID campaign, which required participants to make short videos that could be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all three. The contest asked users to follow the theme, and social media hashtag #Only1Me, and describe one or two traits that makes themselves unique. Davis’s video, in which she talks about the difficulty of being a full-time student and mother of three, is posted on the contest’s website. There were two runners up.

The video contest is part of a campaign to increase awareness for the White House petition AHIMA has launched, which calls for the development of a voluntary patient safety identifier. More specifically, the petition is asking the federal government to remove the federal budget ban that prohibits the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from participating in efforts to find a patient identification solution.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures by April 19, 2016 in order to obtain a formal response from the White House. It went live on the White House website on Sunday, March 20.  Click here to sign the petition.


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