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Keep up with the latest on information governance as this key strategy emerges for addressing a myriad of information management challenges in healthcare. This blog will highlight the trends and opportunities IG presents for ensuring information is treated as an organizational asset.


By Lesley Kadlec, MA, RHIA

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

―Jim Rohn

Have you started to design a plan to bring IG to life in your healthcare organization? If you haven’t started yet, the clock is already ticking. The IG “dinner party” is being planned, and the seats at the head table are quickly filling up.

Healthcare organizations are already beginning to embrace the concept that to remain competitive they need to transform the information they have collected into meaningful data to propel the organization towards deriving business intelligence from their information.

But if you are still waiting for someone else to invite you to the IG table, or if you have yet to begin designing an IG plan for your organization, then, as motivational speaker Jim Rohn said, you should be prepared to become a part of someone else’s plan. And that plan might not include anything that you have envisioned for yourself or your career goals.

At our pre-convention IG workshops in New Orleans this year, participants had a chance to do an exercise designed to help them craft a beginning to an IG initiative in their own organizations. But the exercise didn’t stop there. The next step was to think about the leadership skills that are needed to bring that plan to fruition.

A number of leadership skills emerged throughout the discussion, including the need to prepare a business case for executive sponsorship, pull together a stakeholder group, and research existing policies and procedures for updates and revisions. Most of these skills were recognized as existing skillsets, but the challenge was getting them off the shelf, dusting them off, and putting them into action.

The transition to IG takes not only a wide variety of leadership skills, but also a vision of the future, a willingness to take risks, and plenty of advanced preparation. Are you ready to address the challenge, reinvent yourself, and bring your knowledge and skills to the table to transform your IG program from idea to reality? If you answered yes, then don’t wait until you become a part of someone else’s dinner party! Don’t wait until all the place cards are on the table—put yourself in the hostess seat and start “setting the table” now as a leader of an IG initiative in your organization.


Lesley Kadlec ( is a direction of HIM practice excellence at AHIMA.

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