New Study, Pilot Sites Part of AHIMA’s Expanding Information Governance Initiatives

When it comes to defining and launching information governance (IG) in healthcare, “we don’t have all the answers today,” said Deborah Green, MBA, RHIA, AHIMA’s executive vice president, chief innovation and global services officer. But Green said AHIMA stands ready to share and discuss what it learns as answers manifest.

In her Leadership Symposium presentation Friday in Chicago, IL, Green’s “Information Governance Update” presentation gave a broad overview of AHIMA’s IG activities to date, and previewed upcoming projects.

“Regardless of the department you’re in you need to be a part of the effort. We have to re-engineer the delivery system,” Green said.

There’s plenty of evidence to support the assertion that HIM can play a leading role in getting IG off the ground in healthcare organizations. In AHIMA’s second major information governance survey—conducted and published with Cohasset Associates, Nuance, and Iron Mountain, and the results of which will be published in a white paper in late July—AHIMA learned that 69 percent of survey respondents were familiar with AHIMA’s definition of IG, which Green saw as a positive sign.

This second survey focused on learning more about the current roles, skills, and developmental needs of those currently engaged with IG activities in their organizations.

“One person can’t do it all so there are many HIM roles for this. There are going to be evolving and continuing evolving roles for IG,” Green said. “HIM professionals that have different roles today are going to evolve with that.”

AHIMA and its vast IG team are currently tweaking and finalizing a maturity model tool that organizations will use to assess their IG readiness. Pilot organizations have agreed to use the maturity model as well as AHIMA’s Information Governance Principles for Healthcare ™ (IGPHC), and provide AHIMA with feedback as they use the tools. To date, AHIMA has executed agreements with 13 organizations—with two more soon to follow—including hospitals, children’s hospitals, and health information exchange organizations.

The IGPHC and IG maturity model were adapted from ARMA International’s Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles and maturity model specifically for the healthcare industry.

Read the IGPHC and other IG material at


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