Slideshow: ICD-10 in Action

This slideshow offers a preview of ICD-10 in Action images and videos that will be featured throughout June on AHIMA’s Instagram feed. For more, follow AHIMA (username ahimaresources) on Instagram.


This is the ICD-10-CM code for the ringing, roaring, hissing, or buzzing known as tinnitus, when it occurs in the right ear. The National Institutes of Health estimates about 10% of US adults have had at least 5 minutes of tinnitus in the past year. Famous Americans with tinnitus include a lot of musicians—from singer-songwriter Bob Dylan to crooner Liza Minnelli.

Food PoisoningWas it something I ate? Maybe it’s best to avoid the sandwiches leftover from yesterday’s lunch meeting. Bacterial foodborne intoxication is no way to spend your afternoon.

SunburnA real redneck should also have a redface, redshoulders, redchest, red…everything. ICD-10 code: L55.9, Sunburn, unspecified (Photo by Joe Sepielli,, of L’Bow at the annual Redneck Games in East Dublin, GA. Republished with permission.)

Carpal TunnelWorkplace aches and pains can sneak up on you.

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