Provider and Vendor Partnership Integrates Advance Directives into EHRs

A major Massachusetts-based healthcare provider is teaming with Lumināt, a developer of care planning tools, to integrate advance directives into the provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system.

Physicians at UMass Memorial Health Care are working with Lumināt to devise a platform that uniformly and very specifically documents a patient’s end-of-life care plan. Data about a patient’s palliative care preferences and spiritual beliefs will be integrated into the EHR through cloud computing technologies, according to a press release from Lumināt.

“Up to this point, patients completed the advance care directive on paper and submitted it to their physician to be filed away,” said Tom Valdinva, MD, the company’s CEO, in a statement. “As a result, the instructions weren’t accessible by all providers and were left open to interpretation from doctor to doctor.”

Officials at UMass expect the technology to reduce burdensome costs that can accompany end-of-life care that isn’t carefully pre-determined, eliminate stressful decisions for patients’ family members, and prepare the system for new reimbursement models.

“Unless communicated in advance, many medical treatments provided at the end of life are inconsistent with patients’ wishes,” David Fairchild, MD, senior vice president of clinical integration at UMass Memorial said in a statement. “As UMass Memorial transitions to being an accountable care organization, we recognized the opportunity to use Lumināt technology to enable and support conversations about end of life.”


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