Healthcare Case Studies Provide Practical Information Governance Examples

122584470While information governance (IG) is gaining momentum in healthcare, led in part by HIM professionals, many questions still remain as to how healthcare organizations can execute and leverage IG efforts. Questions surrounding the specific benefits of healthcare IG initiatives, the role of executive and staff leadership in IG, and just how to launch IG efforts have yet to be definitively answered.

To begin to answer some of the fundamental questions related to the state of IG in healthcare, and to communicate the value of formal information governance through real life examples, a limited number of healthcare provider organizations across the US were invited to participate in AHIMA’s “State of Health Information Governance in Healthcare Case Study Project.”

As part of its February Information Governance Month, AHIMA has published these case studies in the AHIMA HIM Body of Knowledge.

The four case studies included in the project provide practical examples of information governance initiatives in diverse healthcare settings, and discuss how the initiative was staffed, the impact on the facility, and HIM professionals’ direct involvement at each site.

The de-identified case studies highlight IG efforts at various levels:


Healthcare organizations may initiate information governance programs to support any number of projects or business strategies including quality management, improved financial outcomes, maintenance of regulatory compliance, mitigation of risk and the potential for litigation, to foster better patient relations, enable business intelligence, and to address gaps in policies and procedures, according to Lesley Kadlec, MA, RHIA, director of HIM practice excellence at AHIMA and the case study project lead.

AHIMA developed these guides as a guidepost to those healthcare professionals interested in launching information governance initiatives at their facility, but unsure exactly where to start.

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