Family-run PHR Service Simplifies Record Gathering Process

The personal health record website aims to put consumers in control of their health records and take on the administrative hassles of compiling all the relevant documents.

Started by four brothers from Brooklyn, NY, offers both free and paid personal health record (PHR) services. Consumers can log onto the website and create an account where they can manually enter their own health data. For $20 per year, AlwaysMed subscribers can have their medical records stored on a credit-card sized USB stick.

Or, they can pay a service charge, ranging from $45-$120, to have an AlwaysMed staff member perform the task. For users opting to pay the fee (and sign a consent form), AlwaysMed will call each of their subscribers’ healthcare providers and enter as much of their health information into the PHR as the subscriber requests. The records are stored and uploaded using encryption practices.

AlwaysMed also has a functionality that helps users track and monitor their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A “Remind Me” feature on the website alerts subscribers when they’re due for regular testing and exams, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports. A free smartphone app comes with a subscription.

The service’s masterminds are Roland Dib, an engineer; Roger Dib, also an engineer; Dr. Joseph Dib, an emergency department physician; and George Dib, who is a lawyer.

According to AlwaysMed’s website, the services offered are HIPAA-compliant.

To visit the AlwaysMed website click here, or here to read more about the brothers.


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