Health IT Saw Salary Increases This Year, Survey Reports

Most health information technology professionals—particularly men in executive management roles—saw salary increases in the past year, according to a new compensation survey.

Nearly 72 percent of the 1,126 respondents reported getting a raise in the past year, with department heads earning average raises of 4.3 percent, while those in staff positions received an average raise of 3.7 percent, according to an e-mail survey conducted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). The data was collected between August and October of 2013. Respondents were asked to report their salary as of January 1, 2013, according to the survey.

Additionally, women, who comprised 56 percent of respondents, reported raises of 3.71 percent on average, and an average salary of $99,523, compared to male respondents, who comprised 44 percent of respondents, and reported average raises of 4.3 percent and an average salary of $109,478.

The average salary of the healthcare IT professionals surveyed was $113,296, with a median salary of $95,000. According to the survey results, two-fifths of respondents identified themselves as holding staff positions; another fifth as management, while 15.3 percent identified themselves as senior management.

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