ER Nurse Sentenced to Prison for Illegal Record Access, Hit Man Plot

A former Cleveland Clinic emergency room nurse faces a 12-year prison sentence for trying to hire an ER patient as a hit man. The nurse, Andrew Martin, who additionally was ordered to pay $83,000 in restitution, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges for using his position as a nurse to obtain private medical records about the person he was plotting to have killed, the Associated Press reported. The sentence was issued on Wednesday, August 21.

Prosecutors in the case claimed that Martin, acting with an accomplice, launched plans in 2011 to claim ownership of a home belonging to an elderly Cleveland Clinic patient who had died in 2010. Martin then accessed the patient’s files so that his accomplice could claim to have a personal relationship with the deceased patient. The two then created a fake deed in a move to prove ownership over the former patient’s home and estate.

This ownership dispute erupted, resulting in a year-long probate court fight, according to the AP, angering Martin when the probate court judge decided in favor of the former owner’s estate, and voided a backdated deed.

To settle the score, Martin approached an ER patient in October of 2012 and offered to pay him $10,000 to kill a 79-year-old woman involved with the ownership dispute. The patient reported Martin’s offer to the police.

Click here and here for more background on the story and trial.


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