Taking a Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

Organizations of all sizes—including hospitals and other healthcare providers—face increasing risk of cyber hackers from both inside and outside their organizations, according to a new report.

But, hackers are targeting mid-sized and small firms with more frequency, says Mike DuBose, managing director of the cyber investigations practice at Kroll Advisory Solutions, in an independent report. He says that’s due to the perception that security at small to mid-sized systems lags behind that of larger firms.

“Thus, a small healthcare provider may face risk equal to, or greater than, that of the largest hospital, and a regional bank may experience attacks equal in severity to those experienced by a large international banking institution,” DuBose writes.

One mistake companies frequently make is assuming that cyber attacks originated outside of the organization. According to the report, company insiders are involved in more than two-thirds of all cyber cases involving theft of intellectual property.

To prevent against these and other cyber threats, DuBose and his co-authors recommend commissioning a cyber risk assessment by a qualified firm, and deeming cyber security one of the highest priorities in any organization.

Additionally, companies should not rely on their in-house IT departments as the sole defense against corporate hacking. The Kroll report cites studies showing that three-quarters of corporate hacking victims were informed of a breach by a third party, such as law enforcement or an internet service provider.

Click here to download the full report: “Kroll Special Report: Cyber Security and Investigations.”


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