HIM Firm Opens Coding Academy in Israel

Demand for coders in the US and ongoing need for career development among Israeli women led MD-based consulting firm HRS to open a new clinical coding school in Jerusalem this month.

HRS, which consults with providers on ICD-10 implementation, audit services, and coding support, opened the HRS Coding Academy July 1, 2013, in conjunction with the Israel Ministry of the Economy, the Joint Distribution Committee, and Temech. Temech is a nongovernmental organization that supports career development for women within Israel’s Jewish Orthodox community, according to a press release.

The academy’s first 20-student class will receive instruction from US-based ICD-10 trainers using Career Step’s online coding curriculum, and will be offered HRS coding positions after finishing the program’s coursework and completing the certification exam. Students of the academy’s inaugural class were chosen through a process using US-based aptitude assessments, in-person interviews, and Skype video conferencing.

“With a lingering 30 percent coder shortage in the U.S. and an anticipated 57 percent jump in demand for coders due to ICD-10, the opening of our academy is timely for healthcare providers and the women of Israel,” said Coplan Rogozinski, HRS director of global initiatives in a statement.

Click here to read more about HRS, and here for more about Career Step.


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  1. I feel for the Israeli women but sending USA patient records to Israel to be coded is a slap in the face for American men and women who need good paying jobs here in America. Why not open up more schools here in America to train us to code patient records. we can not find jobs here unless we have 2 years experience and they will get a job right away are you mad. I think so, take care of your own country first and I as a patient here in this country would not want someone else in another country looking at my PHI, that is against the law.

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