Health IT Stakeholders Warn Against Rushing Regulations

A diverse group of over 100 healthcare associations, health information technology vendors, and provider groups sent a letter to the White House Administration warning against rapid regulation of the health information technology industry.

“While proper oversight of health IT is critical to ensuring patient safety, such oversight must be implemented in a balanced way that also fosters innovation and encourages adoption of these technologies,” wrote the letter’s signatories, which included groups such as the College of Health Information Management Executives, the American College of Emergency Physicians, the American Medical Group Association, the American Medical Informatics Association, the American Nurses Association, McKesson Corporation, Siemens Corporation, and Microsoft.

“The thoughtful, comprehensive, and inclusive approach being taken by the administration to inform Congress will be critical as it develops this new regulatory framework for health IT,” the stakeholder letter states.

The letter praised the creation of the workgroup under the Food and Drug Administration Safety Innovation Act of 2012, which would bring together officials from the Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA, the Federal Communications Commission and the National Coordinator for Health IT to issue recommendations to Congress regulating health IT and mobile technology.

Still, the signatories called for the workgroup to be given sufficient time to issue recommendations before any federal agencies rush to issue guidance or regulations governing health IT.

“We believe that, by working collaboratively, Congress and the Administration can produce a statutory framework for regulation of health IT based on risk while supporting innovation and patient safety,” the letter states.

Click here to read the full letter.


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