AHIMA Announces All-New Online Presence

Change is coming to AHIMA’s online presence—the Communities of Practice (CoP), ahima.org site, and the Body of Knowledge (BoK). The Association is delivering new enhancements, a smarter design, new functions, and upgrades to search for and find information more readily. Overall, the changes promise a richer, more diverse online experience.

AHIMA’s Communities of Practice (CoP) have a new appearance and name: Engage Communities. Described as “leaner, more agile, and more accommodating to collaboration,” Engage Communities will consist of all-new private and public communities arranged under several specifically defined healthcare and health information management (HIM) domains. The communities contain strategically aligned content and forums focused on areas of importance to HIM professionals, organized under the following categories:

• Coding, Classification, and Reimbursement
• Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security
• Information Governance and Standards
• Health Information Technologies and Processes
• Health Informatics
• Healthcare Leadership and Innovation
• Consumer Engagement and Personal Health Information

These domains centralize terminology; define AHIMA’s areas of expertise; create a universal language amongst members and nonmembers; provide clearer definition of topics; and define the content’s purpose.

“AHIMA members and HIM professionals alike will find the new AHIMA Engage Community platform to be a fun and easy way to interact and share information with one another,” says JoAnn V. Coleman, AHIMA manager, volunteer leadership development and Engage project staff co-lead. “Users will access the critical information they need in a much more user-friendly and reliable system.”

The new Engage Communities promise fluid search functionality; higher results reliability; more robust community discussions and resources; public forums allowing for wider networking; and enhanced user profiles that can connect with user LinkedIn accounts.

The Association has also announced changes to the ahima.org website, ensuring smoother integration between the site and AHIMA’s Body of Knowledge (BoK) and Engage Communities; optimal navigation and search results; a new information tagging feature with cross-referencing ability; and greater flexibility in accessing and sharing results.

Furthermore, AHIMA’s online library, the BoK will be opened to more contributors, with added functions to encourage research and foster collaboration. Among other features, a full-text index will be made available for users to see everything AHIMA has available on a given topic.

Look for further information on these and other online initiatives over the coming months.

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