2013 Summit Preview: Achieving a Successful ICD-10 Collaboration

Attendees at AHIMA’s 2013 ICD-10/CAC Summit, April 22-24, in Baltimore, MD, will learn about one state’s approach to creating a collaborative environment to adopt ICD-10. The presentation “Achieving a Successful ICD-10 Collaboration—The Massachusetts Approach” will cover how to identify key elements of a successful collaboration and engagement of key stakeholder support. Presenters Denny Brennan, executive director of the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium, and Linda Hyde, RHIA, consultant, will discuss the collaborative efforts in Massachusetts that have led to the creation of ICD-10 forums by both the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium (MHDC) and the Massachusetts Health Information Management Association (MaHIMA).

Leveraging the support of ICD-10 collaboratives has taken root as a growing trend in the US healthcare landscape, with collaboratives popping up in states such as California and Minnesota. The presentation will highlight projects that have been launched to identify provider readiness, educational needs, and testing and mapping requirements, as well as offer a future perspective on what providers will need to do over the coming months to ensure a successful implementation of the new system.

“Each of our Consortium members faces enormous preparation, testing and implementation challenges that are unique to their organizations,” said Brennan in a press release. “Through the Consortium, they will minimize the time and cost spent on the challenges they share.”

Taking advantage of already existing partnerships among key stakeholders can significantly increase the probability of a successful implementation process, according to Brennan. “Collaboration creates economies of scale, minimizes needless rework and redundancy in preparation and testing, and reduces the substantial financial, technical, and operating risks associated with failing to meet the deadline for compliance,” Brennan said. Developing and opening up a forum to discuss the challenges of ICD-10 implementation creates a collaborative environment where key stakeholders may share ideas, planning, and resources.

Brennan and Hyde’s presentation will take place on Tuesday, April 23 at 3:30 p.m.


  1. As a student in the Health Information Management program, I find it curious that there is a change in the ICD-9 to ICD-10. Not familiar with this yet (taking a coding class in the fall), what changes are being implemented and why?

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    • There is huge difference in ICD-9 and ICD-10. Possible codes in ICD-9 is 14000 whereas, in ICD-10 there are 64000 codes. Now that is just difference in codes, you can well imagine extensiveness of ICD-10 over 9th version

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  2. You should read online – Now that ICD-10 is approaching, there is lot of relevant and easy to under content which should help you.

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