A Core Model for the HIM Future

In the last year the AHIMA Board of Directors undertook the challenge of developing a new view of health information management—one that addressed changing practice roles, settings, and functions emerging from increased automation, changing regulations, and dissemination of data.

The result—with input from AHIMA members, industry experts, and AHIMA staff—is a draft HIM Core Model to describe a robust set of functions and opportunities open to current and future HIM professionals. This Core Model has been extended to include an inventory of HIM functions and a description of a desired future state of HIM’s roles across the healthcare industry over the next 10 years.

The draft version, newly published in a white paper intended for AHIMA members, represents the next step in this ongoing professional dialog.

The Core Model describes the primary role of the HIM professional as focused on five main functional areas of health information:

  • Data capture, validation, and maintenance
  • Data/information analysis, transformation, and decision support
  • Information dissemination and liaison
  • Health information resource management and innovation
  • Information governance and stewardship

In the spirit of dialog, authors including members of AHIMA Council for Excellence in Education have published an educational response to the model in this month’s print Journal, proposing five educational initiatives that will prepare HIM professionals to move into new roles.

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