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  1. A Bachelor degree and/or Certification is already a requirement of employment. Making it impossible for anyone with less than a bachelor to get hired and gain on the job experience, another requirement for hiring. New credentials such as the CCA meant to give people an edge in getting hired for entry level positions and prove their competency to complete the tasks are proving to be in a sense a sham. No emlpoyers are looking to hire anyone with less than a CCS, CCS-P, Associates, or Bachelor degree. With the Bachelor degree being the most sought after. It is also in a sense making the Associate degree less valued and in turn lessening the value of a Bachelor degree. If everyone is required to have a Bachelor degree at the least, than why is their even an Associates degree? Why offer at this time, a new credential for entry level candidates when the credential is not recognized by the industry employers and does not meet the minimum now required, the Bachelor degree? Offering a CCA for entry level candidates is just like offering an Associates. It proves to be a useless degree and/or credential.

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