Journal of AHIMA Wins Gold Award for “Addendum”

The Journal of AHIMA received a gold award from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors for its “Addendum” department.

“Addendum” closes each print issue of the Journal, featuring news, reflections, and scenarios to test knowledge or spur discussion. ASHPE presented the award to the Journal for three scenarios that ran in 2010, available below.

The American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors recognizes editorial excellence and
achievement in the field of healthcare publishing, fosters ethical standards in management, and serves as an authority on evolving trends in healthcare publishing.

“Notification Required?”

In the February 2010 issue, “Addendum” offered a scenario based on new breach notification requirements that went into effect that month. An expanded set of scenarios is available online.

The notification rule, mandated by HITECH, has not changed since the scenarios were published. The Department of Health and Human Services was close to publishing a final rule on breach notification in the summer of 2010, but it withdrew the rule and has not indicated since when a final rule may be forthcoming.

April 2010 Addendum
APRIL 2010
“Snap Judgment”

The April 2010 issue offered a scenario in which a hospital employee snaps a photo of a celebrity in the lobby and posts it to Facebook . The scenario, written by AHIMA’s Professional Ethics Committee, poses the question of whether the employee’s actions are an ethical violation and, if so, what an appropriate response would be.

The scenario highlights the AHIMA Code of Ethics and the guidance it offers in reviewing actions such as this one.

June 2010 Addendum
JUNE 2010
“Restrict or Disclose?”

HITECH also calls for an expansion of patients’ rights to restrict certain disclosures of their protected health information. In the June 2010 issue, “Addendum” presented a scenario illustrating the ins and outs of the mandated changes.

As with breach notification, the issue remains current. Health and Human Services has yet to issue a final rule enacting the modifications. An expanded set of scenarios is available online.

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