Getting Strategic about ICD-10

All of us in healthcare have a “mountain of mandates thrust upon” us, noted Dave Biel, MS, principal at Deloitte Consulting, presenting at AHIMA’s 2011 ICD-10 Summit on April 12. “But we need to ask how can we advance our corporate agendas in the midst of all this work.”

This is especially true with the transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS, one of the biggest mountains in today’s healthcare landscape. Smart organizations are seeking to do more than meet the mandate—they are finding opportunities to gain value from the upgrade.

Gaining advantages from the ICD-10 effort requires a strategic approach, Biel said. He advised that organizations begin with a strategic position and then plan their implementation around that vision.

Starting early is essential, said Kimberly Telford, MBA, the director of strategy, revenue cycle organization, with Intermountain Healthcare, also a presenter in the session.

“As the time horizon nears on [the implementation deadline], the opportunity for strategic initiatives decreases,” she warned. An organization’s ability to assess and improve its processes will cede to the rush of simply getting its systems prepared in time.

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