“The Deadlines Are Not Changing”

Talk at the AHIMA ICD-10 Summit in April 2011 touched on some doubt in the marketplace and in C-suites that the ICD-10 implementation date will really hold. Some people expect a deadline extension.

That’s dangerous thinking, and Karen Trudel, acting director of CMS’s Office of E-Health Standards and Services, addressed it directly during her presentation.

“The deadlines are not changing. Let me repeat that,” she said, leaning closer to the microphone. “The deadlines aren’t changing.”

Trudel referred to both the October 2013 ICD deadline and the January 2012 version 5010 transaction standards deadline.

“If you haven’t started 5010 testing already, start now,” she said.

But not everyone is worried solely about themselves. Many providers are worried that their state Medicaid systems will not be ready.

Trudel said that CMS will reach out to Medicaid state providers and get them engaged. She assured attendees that CMS would make sure the states are ready, and it will begin to track the states’ progress on its Web site.

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