New Web Site Tracks State Health IT Legislation

A new Web site launched by the National Conference of State Legislatures tracks health IT legislation introduced in states related to the Affordable Care Act. The Federal Health Reform: State Legislative Tracking Database includes 2011 legislation, including pending, failed, and enacted bills and resolutions.

The site also outlines state legislation related to other topics in the Affordable Care Act, such as Medicaid, health insurance exchanges, health insurance reform, prevention and wellness, and providers and workforce. The “Challenging and Alternatives” topic outlines the statutes, constitutional amendments, and joint resolutions some states have undertaken to block, alter, limit, or oppose elements of the federal law, including single-payer provisions and mandates that would require purchase of health insurance.

The database currently contains about 600 bills introduced in 2011, which can be searched by state, topic, keyword, status, and sponsor.

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