e-HIM Job Descriptions

Electronic practice is changing HIM roles and requirements, and that means job descriptions are changing, too. The online version of the August practice brief “e-HIM Practice Transformation” includes two additional, Web-only appendixes offering resources for writing new job descriptions.

Appendix A provides a sample format for an e-HIM job description, while appendix B outlines sample job descriptions of new HIM roles.

The roles came from an informal survey conducted among members of AHIMA’s HIM Practice Transformation e-HIM Workgroup in January 2005 and Electronic Health Records Practice Council in 2010. The roles are just a few of the positions held in the e-HIM world across the US today that are filled by experienced HIM professionals and new graduates. It should not be considered a comprehensive list.


  1. Hello, I have a question. I have a class assignment for my HIT program class and need to find information on Productivity and Job description for Inpatient, Emergency and Outpatient Record Assembly but cant’t seem to find any information on your site. Any Advice? Thankyou.

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