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Organizations can find further guidance on developing electronic signature policies in the online version of the November–December practice brief “Electronic Signature, Attestation, and Authorship (Updated).”

The online version includes five separate appendixes, linked at the end of the brief:

  • Appendix A excerpts portions of the HL7 EHR-System Records Management and Evidentiary Support Functional Profile Standard, which can be used to develop proposals for selecting an EHR system or as a checklist to evaluate current applications for basic record management functionality.
  • Appendix B lists the various e-signature laws, regulations, and acts that organizations can refer to in developing and implementing e-signature functionality and policy.
  • Appendix C outlines a sample e-signature model policy template, including important legal and compliance recommendations.
  • Appendix D provides a glossary of terms that organizations can use in their e-signature policies.
  • Appendix E provides practice guidance on making amendments, corrections, and deletions in transcribed reports.

Managing e-signatures is complex, but doing it correctly is critical  in supporting an organization’s legal health record. Successfully implementing and using e-signatures requires proper attention to individual system functionality, regulatory requirements, and organizational policy.

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  1. What I was looking for was more guidance on e-signatures in a far more specialized environment/documents.

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