Best Practices for Student PPEs

Professional practice experience is an important part of an HIM student’s education. Hands-on experience with HIM work is important to helping graduates enter the work force prepared. Each CAHIIM-accredited HIM program must have at least one PPE, which helps students assimilate the HIM theory taught in class with real-world HIM applications.

Both students and sponsoring facilities new to PPEs might not know what to expect. To help them properly prepare and get the most out of their site visits, the AHIMA House of Delegates Team on HIM Higher Education and Workforce has created the Clinical Practice Sites/Professional Practice Experience Guide.

The 25-page guide provides information and best practices on serving as a clinical PPE site as well as advice to PPE students looking to get their first glimpse at HIM work. It offers tips on how to make the most of the program. The guide can be used by site managers, HIM department mentors, academic programs, and students.

The guide is divided into chapters addressing each participant in a PPE experience. The student section, for example, outlines the expectations of a PPE student. The affiliation site guide chapter lays out what is expected of the organization and helps prospective sites develop their PPE programs.

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