Web-only Extras on HIM-HIT Collaboration

“HIM and health IT are finding that the scope and responsibilities of individual job functions are increasingly crossing department domains,” write the authors of the practice brief “HIM and Health IT,” published in this month’s issue. They note a “universal need for alignment between the two disciplines to ensure that both business processes and technology are in place to advance successfully toward a fully functional [electronic health record].”

The brief explores that need for collaboration through three domains: confidentiality and security, data use and maintenance, and terminology asset management. Seven Web-only extras offer tools to help with that alignment.

The extras are available as appendixes to the online version of the brief, and they’re also available as a separate file for download. All seven are bundled into a single PDF:

  • A: Roles and Job Elements that Support EHR Management
  • B: Critical Success Factors for Fostering Convergence 
  • C: e-HIM Privacy and Security Responsibility Matrix
  • D: Terminology Map Resources
  • E: Terminology Implementation Checklist 
  • F: Roles and Relationships of HIM and IT in New Terminology Implementation: Identifying Stakeholders for Strategic Planning and Successful Transition
  • G: Suggestions for Further Reading

Also take a look at the feature story “Health IM and Health IT: Frequent Traveling Companions” appearing in the same issue. Authors in that story offer examples of converging HIM and IT roles and how the need evolved at individual facilities.

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