Web-only Extras on ECRM

A practice brief in the October issue offers a great introduction to enterprise content and record management and its application in healthcare organizations. The online version offers five web-only extras that help organizations begin planning.

As the authors write, the rise of electronic information and the demands upon it are escalating the need for an overarching strategy for aggressively managing records and content enterprise-wide. Healthcare organizations that can establish an integrated set of strategies, standards, best practices, and technologies are better able to effectively manage both patient-centric and organizational information and avoid fragmented, chaotic information processes.

Five online-only appendixes to the practice brief offer some useful extras. They are available from the online version of the brief, and they’re also available here as a separate file for download. All five are bundled into a single PDF:

  • Appendix A: “ECRM Concepts, Terms, and Definitions”
  • Appendix B: “ECRM System Selection Techniques and Tools”
  • Appendix C: “Health Information Records and Content Management Scenarios”
  • Appendix D: “Enterprise Records Committee: Suggested Staffing Model, Subcommittee Structure, and Responsibilities”
  • Appendix E: “ECRM Sample Job Descriptions”

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